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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005
why is the mask? do u have one too??

why do ppl wear maskes! why do they hide their real faces??
should i ask everyone is that ur real face or what?
i just wonder sometimes do i have a mask??..... i just hate to be somebody esle am just me and i wanna be happy about me i donna wanna ppl to judge me just god well do god is the only one who i care about his judge!! ...am not gonna change my slef 4 ppl!!

i really hate to feel that am fool! yah sometimes i just feel ppl think that am fool while they r acting at me! some of them act like yah u r the best and u r and u r and whatever.....but they donna know that i know that they r acting and liying at me!
they just act! as we r living in a play or something and each acter wanna get the best part in that play by acting like an angel! and they just wear that white mask!! and we donna know what is the real under that mask!

ppl could u stop wearing that mask and act at each other!...GUESS am talking to MYSLEF!!


Saturday, February 12, 2005
i wanna be in love!! i wanna a husband

i wanna get married ... ok am not kidding ok!
i just feel that i wanna hang out with him and do some crazy stuff ...

and i wanna feel that someone would brought a red rose 4 me each day
and i would write alittle love notes to him every where!
we could go to the beach and walk 4 hours! donna get bored of each other...

thats enough am gonna kill my self :p

miss U!!

i hate it when i feel that i miss someone.. i just donna wanna miss anyone
i just was around my fam and friends and evryone that i love ,but in one sec everything just have been changed!! now i miss everyone...

my dad,mam.brothers,sisters and my friends samyah,khadijah,jumanh,nusayba (or naseeba)...
and sure OMAN!
am not that far i know ,but its just to donna see those ppl or things that u have been living with u just feel so bad...

but u know what do let u feel really hurt even if u r back!! its when u saw things have been changed around u,and u wasnt there... lot of important things u just miss it coz u was little far
and when u come back u feel that u r miss years of ur life!!!
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
my life!

u know what?!! sometimes i just cant understand life!
why we get into stupied problems and god just gave a mind to think about..
we gotta use that gift and try to handel most of things which happen while we r a live..
ppl sometimes just act stupied sometimes they think about what they just want and donna care about others.... this is not fair we gotta think about our selves and other ppl who do really need us and can be there if we need them too,i know nowaday u cant trust any one u have met or know but we gotta do good things and be good to ppl around us not coz of nothing ,but coz we donna have to follow others mistakes and be bad as they r... we can let bad ppl be could by being good to them!! thats what i think and what i belive in

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
here we go!

this my first time to have a blog!! :)
i felt that i need something like that coz sometimes i just feel that i wanna write to feel better!
i love to write something which is in my heart... just to feel that am done with it..
and coz i feel lonley here,and nowaday u cant trust nobody ... just the ppl that u really know
this such as a weried world we cant feel safe ,but we do lot of things without thinking!

whatever am coming back with other posts! :D