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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005
The word

living in this world let u think sometimes about what goes around you in many ways
sometimes a word could change your whole life.....in a good or in a bad way
i believe that we r here living while words could change us!!
most of us get many words everyday from anyone but sometimes one word from those many many words could be something important to u ,it could let u be the happest or the sadest one in the moment u got that word ,,,and it dependes about the person who u got the word from...
it could be a big word to someone else but it could be not to you!!
some other word could be so important to you but to others is not.....
am waiting for some words from some ppl or from some one
and everyone do wait 4 some words which can change our life from bad to good
and from good to bad!!
this is how the life is....
we live under small things which can centrol us!

Friday, June 17, 2005
freakly friday

in each friday i list up the things which i did do in the whole last week!
good and bad and see what are the things which happend to me and made me happy or sad at the whole week...
and see why i did felt happy and why i did felt sad
and what r the things which made me sooo upset!
then when i look at those i just keep thinking how to not get into a mistake which i did and made my day awful and how to keep doing the things which made my day so good!
then i promise myself to not look back and complete the other week in away which
make me happy and make feel that am doing the right thing!
some of you would ask why friaday! well dont ask me why i always have been think that friday is one of the most inportant days in the whole week!
and sometimes its freak me out! like gosh maybe its gonna be the end of the world and i didnt do what all i wanna do! ( well naah!)
sometimes i just set alone and look at my future from another side
i wanna be happy and have a happy family..
looking back at the bad past make u stop thinking about ur future sometimes!
so just complete ur life in a good way and just belive in god and in ur self!
you r here for some reason not nothing!

look at my eyes

I need to know the truth throw ur eyes
just look deep inside...
look at my eyes.... could u feel my love
could you feel what am talking about
just look at my eyes
and they will tell you what i feel
and how much its real
i am drowning in your warm eyes
am drowning in your love
we could walk together in that road
and to our love we will hold
i will be ur air which u breath
and I will be your heart beats
just look at my eyes and u will know
which by my words i cant show!

o slamatkom! :D