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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Friday, October 28, 2005
tagged by taboo

Seven things i plan to do:

1. to let mam and dad be always proud of me.
2. to drop this course coz i dont really feel good!
3. to draw as much as i can.
4. to show all of who do i know that i dont ever could forget a friend.
5. to lose weight 3 kilos at least!! whithout something called diet!
6. to fix all of my brothers room's in oman when i come back! they should know how it sould be!
7. to spend my time always in good things and try to know what is really life for.

Seven things i can do:

1.i can make ppl laugh!or even make them smile ;p
2. i can talk till ever or just dont till ever.
3. make a really perfect salads whatever it is ;p
4. do a really good make up if i want to!
5. find anything to made up my day.
6.i can be a good leastiner .
7. i could fix up and change all of our house in one day!

Seven things i can't do:

1. i cant see anyone crying.
2. i cant be mad at anyone more then one day!
3. wake up early in weekend!
4. handel my tears if i saw other tears!
5. wash up all of my clothes in ONE day!
6. i cant stop smiling!
7. i cant stop SHOPPING

Seven things I say most often:

MY friend nora told me that i have to put on the word (( b'3am))
i forgot it and i donna know how did i forgot it!!
so thx nora hehehehe

so b'3aaam

2. DUH!
3. LAAAA wallah!
4. thoora! << dont ask why!!
5. b'3aaam!
6. aaaaw how sweeeet!
7. dokom!

Seven people i want to pass this tag to:

1. arabian prince.
4. um qusai.
5. the brain.
6. noors
7. i donna know!

ps; thx taboo u r a sweet girl :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005
where i am

where i am ?
while u r not here
where i am ...
while i can't feel your touch
while i can't hear your words
while i cant see your smile

where i am?
when you are not leasting to me
when you are not looking throw my eyes
and touching my hands..

where i am while you are not around me
am not anywhere while you are not here
am just like the air when you are not around
and am like the fire when i just see your shadow...

where i am?
while you are not here
just tell me
come back and let me be your fire
and let me say here i am..

Friday, October 14, 2005
D0o0om Do0oRm

.hi there....
i just wanna show you people some of things which i did by photoshop to my dorm friends :D
i was bored so i did those things!!

its kind of weird ! but i felt like someday our computers will be like that !!!....

التمام يعني : البنت لازم توري لمشرفه السكن خشه وجهها عشان يتاكدوا ن البنات بالسكن!!! يخاوفووون علينا يا حليلهم



living my life as am nothing!
living my life as am a part of you
while you dont know ...

am loving you for you
and you don't care about me for me

i do breath you
i do live for you

you do live for you
you do breath my pain..

sometimes i feel like i want to break m heart
by letting you in my dark side
by letting you in your mind!

am living for you
and you are living for who?

but you know ...i will live
to look at you ... to breath you
to just live for you...