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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Friday, October 28, 2005
tagged by taboo

Seven things i plan to do:

1. to let mam and dad be always proud of me.
2. to drop this course coz i dont really feel good!
3. to draw as much as i can.
4. to show all of who do i know that i dont ever could forget a friend.
5. to lose weight 3 kilos at least!! whithout something called diet!
6. to fix all of my brothers room's in oman when i come back! they should know how it sould be!
7. to spend my time always in good things and try to know what is really life for.

Seven things i can do:

1.i can make ppl laugh!or even make them smile ;p
2. i can talk till ever or just dont till ever.
3. make a really perfect salads whatever it is ;p
4. do a really good make up if i want to!
5. find anything to made up my day.
6.i can be a good leastiner .
7. i could fix up and change all of our house in one day!

Seven things i can't do:

1. i cant see anyone crying.
2. i cant be mad at anyone more then one day!
3. wake up early in weekend!
4. handel my tears if i saw other tears!
5. wash up all of my clothes in ONE day!
6. i cant stop smiling!
7. i cant stop SHOPPING

Seven things I say most often:

MY friend nora told me that i have to put on the word (( b'3am))
i forgot it and i donna know how did i forgot it!!
so thx nora hehehehe

so b'3aaam

2. DUH!
3. LAAAA wallah!
4. thoora! << dont ask why!!
5. b'3aaam!
6. aaaaw how sweeeet!
7. dokom!

Seven people i want to pass this tag to:

1. arabian prince.
4. um qusai.
5. the brain.
6. noors
7. i donna know!

ps; thx taboo u r a sweet girl :)