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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

well i dont know how to begin with this here...
i just wanna talk about some girls which i really love and really adore them!
they r my friends in the our stupied dorm.

i just knew that they are the best this this year..just this year !! i have been in this dorm for about 2years! and my worst year was the first one,not just coz it was like kind of hard to be away from my family no ,but coz first i had the most awful friends ever...they lied to me alot and actied like angles for a whole year and i didnt know about them till they just get into a fight between each other and just open up their dirty mouth and told me about each one of them and what does each one says about me!! they were talking about me behind my back.and i didnt ever hurt anyone of them i was trying to be nice as much as i can... and they were just like animals each one of them run for her dirty needs and i was just like dont know about anything!!!
then i just take them off from my life i forgave them so many times and there were like keep hurting me,but in the end i was like i donna know u anymore....

some people say that bad memories are like a black mark in ur book of life
but what i say they were just a little dirty paper and i just take it off my book coz i just want it to be always clean and clear >>> (( not the face cleaner:p))

well any way day by day i knew some girls which was like knowing me before but i wasnt that close with them ,they knew about me and what happend and they just stand by my side and helped me alot and i did so and we still,we are sharing everything here and we really having fun we just try to forget about sad things which happend to each one of us, most of us get hurted from lot of things while we are living here in the dorm...
now we r are agroup of 15 girls hehehe big enough i know!
some of us share classes and do help each others in home works and studing2
we do help each other either in stole little katchup bags from our friend's rooms hehe and in the end we got cought!!
in this semester we decame very close coz we knew each others better then we was and we are in the same block in the same dorm.. best block ever!
sometimes we had fights ,,well ya dont say GOSH they are girls! but not real fights just and sometimes some of us hit each other as ajoke then it became a real and its really funny i just lough to death when i just rememeber it!

we are girls from different gulf countries but here we live as we are from the same country and i cant even think that one of them is missing!

i wanna give each one of them some words i know that i cant explain what in my heart and how much i really love them as a sisiters ,friends and not a lesbians at all ok!!

saudi girls:

-B: yo wass up? how are u doing? where is the coffee and am ur mother.. well u will get it hehe
you are from the nicest girl ever which i have seen just be ur self..and dont forget am the (( naqed el fani)). i donna know how could some people try hurt a gril which is like u ,u always make me lough and just reminds me of my poems things i love lot of things on u and the most thing is that u r you.. o slamatkom

-T: wallah i dont know how should start! you are girl who just smile and i hate her when she feel sleepy and became a zombi coz am the one who should be the zombi not you!,well i could say one thing u r the best ever,love u:) ya 3omri enteeeen! when u act like a kid u really make me lough and all of us now do have those freaky sounds when we try to get it like u!! u r a real friend.

-M: gosh i donna know what should i say about u,u get a sweet heart and i really feel safe when am talk to u ... i cant say how much i feel so glad when u talk to me and do care about my problems..thx alot i cant forget how sweet u r .i like it when i see u run after Z to stop her from hiting B & F by her hands and flaters.

-A: yo net nerd sometimes i just feel like i wanna pull u from that chair and see walking around the dorm! u r a sweet girl which reminds me of cuala which i love..and from few weeks i figuer that u r areally good poem writer..i know that each girl of as really want to get a poem from u,after what we heared!

-Z: hey yo little cow! 7areeega whats wrong with u those days just run after B & F while u r screaming am gonna kill you!! abooo 3ad ma baqara hehe.. well Z u know u are this girl who i could never ever forget how much she helped me and how much he sat with me to let me feel better..thx alot ..btw be quite and sweet as ur sis :p hehe well u r donna worry

-D: well girl u r a cute sweet girl and u baceme NERD TOO!! i hated it at first then i was like cool we have a nerd around here hehe... well i really love to see your smile and i hate to see you sad or feeling bad about anything i really do care..

-F: well this girl i had lot of fights with her:p but always in the end things try to be good between us 2, i like how u was and i really wanna u to be as u was ,ican see that u r trying to and thank god that u r coz u know whats right and wrong now:)

now omani girls:

-B: hehehe sometimes i know what i want by an eye look!and sometimes i just get one year to get what she mean and am like WHAT?!!she is stronge and know how to bit :p but either she knows how to deal with me sometimes and know how to let me lough about things on me! we really had good time togther and we still.. dont forget about poems corner u hate it i know and i loved it coz u do hehehehe

-S: well miss turkISH ok the spell is wrong so what! both of us had lot of good memories in the dorm and ya we had some of bad memeries too which we just try to throw it behind us and try forget about it and replace it with good once .those months ur like getting far but i know miss becoming nerd why is that hehehe... and yal sa7ra be cool about it ... u teached somer of us how to cook hehe i cant forget that:p

-M: ya allah u know what ur haert is so clean keep it like that and be ur slef i really like ur way of your talk and i hate it when u talk in brithes! hehe... well dont forget the findi bag its mine now! ur lough made me lough and u really remind me of pink panther! i know u donna wear pink that much but u R hehe:D

_J: miss diet you always telling me dont eat from BK then u do?? AFAAA hehehe
well u r so quite girl and sometimes when i scream am just like WHAT?? thats not her no no
well u know me i love eating but am not fat well not that fat hehehe and u gotta eat what u want and dont froget to get me that miss call if u were daying from diet ok!!

kuwaiti girls:

-F: GOSH i love u! you r that girl who loves everyone and get the everyones love! ur soul and heart are the whitest ones ever ...i dont ever can imagin our gruop without u you r a spiceal girl and u gonna be always like that... and btw i didnt love a family as much as i do love your whole family i love ur mam and sisters and anties and wel let brothers in other side i donna wanna be killed from u! and ur whole girls in ur family :) i love u so much

-D: hmmm what can i say about agirl who was like qutie then she baceme like a crazy girl hehe
you r new between us and i know it was hard for u to come to a new country and to live here away from ur family..but u was stronge enough i really was like masallah! ur style is awesome really some of ur clothe r really cool heheheh and some of them i really dont even think that i will look good at them..btw loved ur colorful skirt hehe...keep smilling and be always that sweet girl.

hehehe and now the big gruop of girls ever bahrain girlS :!! I MEAN GIRL

-E: well ya sa6or you r other story what i realy love in u that u r so crazy and loud like me hehehe .. u always lough and smile and do talk loud in cinema as me i love that..
and i hate u when u get into that stupied awufl mood..so YOKO dont u ever dare to be in that mood again i just HATE IT!! i love when i see u runing in the hall and i like it when we do crazy things togther like scraming outside and say things about lesbians like there is nobody wallah 7allah!! we r sooo kicked out of uni!! <<<>

in the end i wanna say that i love you all
and am sorry if i did hurt anyone of u if i did ..u gotta know that i really dont ever want to hurt anyone which i love and care about
now till ever all of u are a part of my life and apiece of my heart..
god bless you all and insallah we gonna be togther 4ever ok not just in the dorms ya3ni
7asa ma 9arat lasqa hehee...

peace out!

ps: the order is by the bigest contry gruop and by rooms so dont be like why am here and why am there hehehe