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Thursday, March 17, 2005
well another list!!

i saw lot of listes around many blogs so i was like lets have a list! hehe
well count another copy-cat !!

this is my list:

1- well am thinking how to start! (besm elah)
2- sometimes am soo crazy!
3- i talk too much! and sometimes i just zip my mouth.
4- when i see new people i just be quite for few mins then i just forget about myself and startto be like i do know them from a long time!
5- i love salads to death! i can eat it till ever!
6- am loud.. and i know its not a good thing! but i always like do know that after i see how people look at me...they r like gosh whats wrong with her..
7-am the oldest one from all of my brothes and sisters and i do miss them so much.. :'(
8- am studing comupter S and thank god am starting to hate it..
9- i love this number (( 9 ))
10 my room is soo messy and it looks like a ZOO now!but i will fix it up now!
11- i talk too fast ,sometimes my dad donna undersatnd me and he is like ''is somebody runing behind u'' !!
12- in life am like a copy of my dad in somethings and am trying to be like him..he is the best.
13- i love oman as hell and i cant wait till i come back!
14- the best ever thing in our dorm, there r some of wonderful girls, i love u girls! u r the best.
15- i have lot of friends here in UAE from all of the gulf countries and even from other arabian and african countries.
16- i want to complete my studies and get a master as soon as i can insalllah.
17- sometimes am sooo moody!
18- i love my old friends so much.. enigma,dija,jojo,nusy. miss u girls
19-i wanna meet up with lot of sabla girls!
20- am 20 now!
21- i will be 21 in 9/12/2005 insallah! DONT FORGet it!
22- i hate nighthmares!
23-i wanna get a car!
24-but not till i get back.. :(
25- i love kids.
26- i hate models.
27- u know why? well u donna have too :D
28- i cant drink warm water!
29- sometimes i cant even think that am gonna live without someone here!
so i donna try to think about it!
30- i wannat to visit ITLAY i could visit AMO too!
31- and i wanna go to new mexico to meet up with dorellam & her cute kids.
32-i love my laptop.
33- ihate it too when it froz
34- sometimes i kiss it every morning.
35- coz its form my dad!
36- i look like my mam,with alittle touch from my dad! :)
37- i like to draw and write about what i feel or think...
38- i call the dorm.. our prison or el e9la7ya!
39- there r lot of lesbians here its EW!
41- am in love with BK's frais.
42- i do eat alot when i dont know what to do.
43- i cant ever ask my dad for money i just get shy!!! i call my sis to do that 4me!
44-sometimes i donna call her and i just stay broke for days.
45-once i staied without any money for 5days i cant forget those days... and i was like am ok! but i wasnt hehe..
46- nobody knows... just my sis after i told her.
47- i love my childhood it was werid!
48-i donna like summer and its coming now!
49- what u see is what u get!!
50- i wanna have six kids insallah!
51- well i guess i need to get a husband first :S
52-sometimes i just sleep when i want to forget about things around!
53- i love reading.
54- but i hate books!!!!
55- i do lough about stupied things somtimes!
56- just lough it's the best!
57- i hate it when i smile and the other person that i smiles to goes like :( and donna bring my smile back!!
58- life is not easy.
59- well i know that u know!
60- ok somebody take off my hands from the keybored!
61-nobody is here!!
62- ok this is not my life story!
63- i learn lot of being far from my famliy,friends and OMAN.
64- girls r SUCK sometimes!
65- i wanna get a CUALA...
66- but i cant get it..
67- i injoy knowing new people.
68- but i dont injoy get hurt from them.
69- i hate this number.
70- dont trust anyone.. thats what i know now.
71- trust ur slef first then trust others
72- to get hurt from somebody that u didnt even hurt its really a bad feeling.
73- ok i guess i did like this list thing!
74- well plz my fingers can u stop.
75- am i talking to my fingers??? gosh
76- last things...
77- i love love
78- i hate hate
79- tears r not a solve!
- this me,myself & I....

aaaah am done.. OOPS one more thing!! i love (( donna )) word :D