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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

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Friday, May 06, 2005
dear... FATHER

dear father...

words couldnt be fair at all if i just want to explain how much i do love you and how much i do care about you... you know that i do some mistakes in my life but you always have faith on me as i do have a big faith on you.... i believe that you are always there for me... u know when i just remember your face i feel so peaceful because your face reminds me of good things in life, your face give me a push to do as much as i can do just to make u happy and just to see that proud smile in your face... father... you always says ''that you see your self on me even if am a girl but u see brave in my eyes which want to get always the best and dont want to lose at anything ever'' .. u know when u say this words i really feel so happy and u never can imagin but in the same time i feel like am doing nothing and thats just kills me sometimes because i really want to be like you i really want to be that stronge faithful person but i dont think that am doing it as u did! i try and try but sometimes i get nothing... i believe that god give everyone what he/she deserve from life and i believe too that if god didnt gave you what u think that u deserve in life he well but after you die in the other world...
dear father u dont know how much it does hurt me when i fall from a place that i tried so hard to climbed it and to get in there! its a really horrible feeling.. thats why you dont want me to get that awful feeling...and you want me to climb without looking down .
you are the most important person in my life and u will always be..
sometimes i just hate myslef if i take one minute to think about how couldnt i be like you
i know that am trying and i want you to be proud of me till ever...but its really hard to get at that high as you are... you are the most kindest,sweetest,strongest,generousest and greatest person i have ever seen.. not because you are my father but because that is the truth...and that what everyone who knows you just know and sure about.

am so sorry dad if i did anything wrong and sorry if i wasnt that girl who you wanted me to be but am still fighting and climbing that high mountain of success!

thanks for everthing and am proud of being your daughter hope you are proud of being my father!

all love
your daughter..