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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Monday, July 11, 2005
two summer courses!

ya am gonna take two summer courses this year
which mean NOOO HOLIDAY!
am so dead! and ya btw am the stupied who got that idea!
ok u gonna ask why!
well first... in our summer course here we just can take two subjects
and i did added two subjects....and guess what! they closed one section
coz they said that we r few girls and we should be more to open this section!
well they r liers! we wasnt few! i talked to them and i did some calls to lot of doctors and teachers over my uni to open that section but they said that they cant!
so i was like gosh i should take this subject i should!!!
then i make some calls to oman and i asked some of my friends about the some colleges!
which have a second summer course!
and i did got some information about it,after i was sure about it i called my dad and told him about it he was like ok i will ask about it ! and i was like will i did asked about it! and i know what colleges that give the subject which i want to study and i emailed a teacher in one college and my friends helped me!
so he was like really! <<<>
whatever so i was like should get some papers from oman to give it to our uni in here
and dad did faxed it to me and i did gave them what they need! from the beging of this course i was waiting 4 the answer if they gonna be ok about it our not
and they just said its ok!! thank god :)
i know its hard but its better 4 me ....and i think that am doing the right thing!
i might live in a dorm too :S but am not sure yet!
insallah 5eer
just wish me luck...