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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

well am back!
this summer was so tuff i didnt had a real holiday!
i finished the summer course in UAE in 23 july and i went back to oman in 24jluy then
i start studing there too in 25july! is the next day!! and ya i stayed at home for one week then
my family went to salalah (coz the weather is better there in that time) and its a vication so they
have to get some freash air! so coz of that i stayed in muscat in a DROM AGAIN!
i was in my uni dorm then in my country i stayed in a dorm too!! :S
thats kind of hard,i was like i should take this subject and get it off my mind when am back to UAE again! .The subject was calculus which i most hate! i really do hate it!
but when i was in the dorm there was nothing to do but studing! and i had a point to get a good mark in this subject not to waste my time to get nothing!!
SO ya i worked so hard to get what i want, and about my fam i visit them each weeked in salalah
(do they think they will leave me 4 a month and a hulf alone..naah)
whatever i met such as a great girls in there ( the college) they were sweet girls
and i had fun around them, well my friend samyah slept over with me once and it was so sweet of her to think about me and do sucha as a good thing like that,and ya she came over to visit me so many times and i really was happy to see her again, well my friend dija was busy with work and studing ,but she was trying to call me always when she get back from work which means lot to me too.. in this summer i learned lot of things one of them that real friends r there for you always whenever u r sad or happy they are there for you...( love you guys)
and about my frinds in the uni we kept calling each other which was cool to get msgs from all over the gulf! and they were like study well insalah u gonna get what u want and something like that.... it really was hard to study all of time and stay alone in a dorm which u donna know any one in there but the walls!!
that whole month and a hulf was like a year to me! coz i learn lot of things and i get into things which i didnt ever though that i will get into it one day!
while god is always here we r fine ...u feel stronge coz of faith and that what just god want us to do ..to have faith on him....and thats what am doing being faithful..

in the end of the summer course which was on 3 sep i did my final exam and i got my marks on 4th sep morining and guess what i got B+ which was the highest mark on the class! i really was happy coz in that moment i felt like i wanna fly! hehe coz my hard work didnt go away!
and ya i went back to UAE in the same day 4sep at 4pm i was on the aiport to go back and ya to complete styding again and again!!

that was my story in the summer and why i wasnt around here!