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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
UNIversity RULES!

well i wanna talk about a problem that i had ,well we had (me and my frineds)
yasterday in the dorms there was a meeting with dean of the girls colleges!
and we went there to listen and know what is the new rules and whatever...
and to talk about problems and to let her know what do bother us as girls living
far away from their homes!!

...so guess what when we went there and set ...we were like gosh there is lot of girls in here
so we thought its gonna be intresting to share our problems together and to talk with her as a one voice..and u know what did we hear first!! (( GIRLS i will show u some slides of the new rules and no one talk i came here to let u know that u HAVE and SHOULD do it not to talk to me about it))
i was like WHAT!! i couldnt believe what am hearing in that momenet!..
some of the rules is

-dont bring weapons in the dorm!!! << is that a joke! where do they think that we came from! NY streets!

- dont use candels and bokoor (bu5or) << oh god i forgot that we r kids and ya we will burn up the dorm! well if they r friad of that so they should take off the cookers too!!

-cant ever let anyone of ur family or friends come in the dorm there is a room which u can meet and talk there!! << so now evern my mam can not see how do i live and where! while my dad is paying 4 that my mam can not see my room hmmm good good! maybe my mam would bring drugs or something !

- any one who do use a mobile with camera gonna be kicked out of the UNI!! <<

if they donna wanna us to use it to they have to start with this rule first! and ya they have to buy us some mobiles without cameras too!...

- there is only a trip to the girl ONCE a week! and just 4 two hours if the trip was in CC! << oops i forgot that we came from a desert and we dont go out while we r in our homes, so 2 hourse r so enough for us as girls !

so ya she was like dont talk plz... i donna wanna hear any comment just do it and thats it
coz u have too!
i couldnt handel so i got out of that room! i was like ya my dad bring me here to let them centrol me or what!... and lot of girls just got out of that meeting room they coudnt handel it too and they coudnt hear lot of other rules again!

till now i cant believe what did i heared from last night!
we r a grawing up girls everyone do have to take care of her self and
her honer too... who dont care about it would do whatever do she want to but who do care
will save her self even from A WORD! and now do they think that they r teaching us
what is right and what is wrong..

so welcome girls to sharjah jail ....and be happy till never!