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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
would you care!

why there is some people who just think about what they want
and dont think about if its going to harm anyone esle!

God gave us feelings and that was for a reason...
to care about others and to feel them ,this life is not about one person!
its about each one who is alive and was in breathing is this earth...

When you do care about someone and give him/her whatever you could give
from love,care and being on his/her side ,is not a small or silly thing! its not a thing which
we can forget about... they say "give and drop it in the beach! " which mean
be a giver person and dont look back at it and dont be like i did and i did and i did to that
person and look what he did to me~! nothing...

Thats true ..beacouse when you want to let it from the heart just dont talk about it..
forget about it...but if it was about being a giver but do not get a single word! that would be hard and ya it do hurt!

beacuse its going to be like... after all love which the person sis gave he got nothing!
sometimes we go show love to get it too! but when that door was just closed when u tried
to open it! that would be really hard!

touchable things could come and goes!
but things which is not... cant be fixed ! if we did hurt somebody you cant fix that
hurt out... but you can in one case if you were VERY sure that person do
love and care about YOUR feelings....

so people dont ever hurt anyone...try to give as others ..
give as others gave you... today's tip.