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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Here we go

So Today I didnt attend any of my classes *didnt sleep well & didnt feel well* anywaaaay

but I went to this stupid meeting at 3PM which is for our National Day Celebration event.

I dont know why the hell i care so much about such events even if it will efect my studies and all,

but i think its because i know they will screw up and make our national day looks FUNNY and stupid!

you have no idea how I love love love love Oman and I wouldn't accept t from People to make us looks like we have no culture.

what pissed me off that one of the organizers *who works in the college* said they will do African
Section in OUR Omani Section beacuse they are only 3 ... EXCUSE ME?!

i got so mad i said nothing but I will do something since one of the organizers chooses me as the president of the Omani Section I wont allow this to happen ..wth is that, do african section by your self not in our Omani one :/

seriously not because you have african roots you can just allow this to happen sorry no offence but omani culture is way too differnet from teh african one ,, so NO!