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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

so Monday Morning i was in my room and i got a call from a strange number around 10:34 AM I picked up since its a home/office number, in the other line i heard a ;s voice,he was like: Hello,is "M" with me?
Me: Yes??!
the Man: can you Come to the Dean's Office he wants to meet up with you
Me: Okay *sigh* what time?
Man: whenever you can, even now if you can!
ME: Ok! -_-

I freaked out i thought something happened
I was like what IF they rejected me

when i went there they told me to wait for him, my legs were shaking i tried to hide it,since there were other people waiting, i pretented that i was playing with my BB, while in my mind there was 1000 thoughts going around, after 10 mins they called me in and went inside the Dean's Office he was like:

"good morning "M" please sit ,we want you to work with us as an IT assistant,we have lot of people who wants to work here ,but we choose you because you are an active student and you have been a part of big college events and we know that you have creative ideas that we want you to share with us,and your language is excellent plus your CV is great"

I didnt know if i should be HAPPY or i should be shocked lol!
he told me we will see how you are in the Office for 3 months as a trainee.
I met up with him before and gave him my CV to get a training i told him if it was a temp job i dont mind my mail goal i told him was gain experience nothing more or less

I was happy for one reason *its not my dream job anyway* but wanted to gain experience plus i was happy that i got this without anyone's help.. I got it because i worked hard and i got what i deserve .. since i blow out 2 chances before in 2 big companies just because my mam didnt like the idea of me working and studying in another place...but here i work/study in the same place so no excuses