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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009
This is Stupid

So the job is ok
at least i feel like am doing something!
am happy that I learn and get experience *coz that was my goal*
our manager is very helpful which is a great thing and you cant always have a cool manager!

the thing that i cant get over with is how some people react when they see me in the office

- "entee hena?? mn mata?! 3ad ma was6a?!" wth i accepted the job in the college so no one say this word "was6a" and i think when someone envy's you they would say it no matter how they believe you deserved at the first place.

-"oh ashoof el '6fareyat kathro fel college" aha so el'6ofaris are not Omanis ?! -_- hate those kinda comments when they include "you '6ofaries" like we are from another planet.

- a girl came into my office and was like :you are '6farya? you dont look '6fareyaa?" so how the F you figured out that am '6farya in the first place *my accent is not 100% '6ofari since i lived here my whole life BUT i didnt even talk to her i just said give me ur ID card -_-"

-there is this man in the office who i think didnt accept the fact that am new there so he acts like am not a human who needs a break and sometimes he discuss with the girl who's next to me and talk about who will take the break first and its like AM NOT THERE! and he goes like "******" is here she can stay and you go to the break if i didnt come yet~! *since we cant Leave the office empty and someone should stay*
he needs time to get used to me i guess LOL!

am still nice if this didn't stop i should do something really! I didnt even tell the manager coz am not that kinda person I give chances..and i GAVE lot of chances till now lol!

those are shots i took from my desk in the office i was doodling since we didnt have much work today, which is boring & I like to work!