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Monday, July 26, 2010

Who ever goes to Madrid should visit the

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium of "Real Madrid"

am not a fan of them am a Barcelona fan ,but we have 3 Real Madrid Fans in the house lol ,so we had to go there, it was fun to be honest , for me to see the history of the team and how it started ,since it was open in 1902!

We were looking for a place that serves Halal food for lunch,This Arabian restaurant which was "NEW" as they said , very tiny but it costs 3times the price of any high class restaurant in Oman it was funny that they didn't even have a menu in arabic nor english! only Spanish the arabian waiter was working there didnt even understand arabic very well! lol it was a shock to me to be honest i felt sorry for "us" Arabs , whenever anyone comes to oman and doesnt look "Omani or Arab" talk to them in English without a second thought. here you will see very rare people talking other than their language

M Vodafone SIM Card .. also no directions in English "ALL SPANISH!"
LOVED their architecture so beautiful