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28 F Omani ,living in my own Musical Box,loves art and everything about itand novels are my favorite things.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
am back and am 28

yup i am 28 
and yes am back, i think that's because i miss writing and document my thoughts ... in away or another ...

so whats new since i have stopped blogging here-two years- well alot have happened a lot have changed, a day makes a difference what about a year? two years!

so today i will do something I used to do before,whenever i turn into an age i write facts or random stuff about me,with the number of the years i have turned to. so here we go a 28 things about me !

1.I still work in the same job got promoted and i completed 3 years there
2.am single and rocking it , I guess ?
3.1 dont trust anyone as before.
4.1 have amazing new friends that i feel blessed to get to know and have in my life.
5.this semester they asked me to teach IT ,i did and i have mixed feelings about it.
6.got my brand name officially which is MeeM!
7.JUST started my designing business
8.am"trying" to be more healthy i quit drinking -soft drinks- for almost a year and a half now.
9. yes 9 is still my fav number.
10. I write more to my own pleasure now.. and am thinking of writing a book
11. I know that some people check my blog from time to time to check if i updated it."stalkers!"
12. I still see how jealous girls can be, and it makes me feel sad and scared in the same time.
13. I know now that the everything mam told me was right,well 99% of what she said ..
14. I love to watch documentaries not a lot of people knows that.
15. yes my room is still pink and white! :/
16. since that last time i wrote about where I have traveled,I can add India,Qatar & UK to my list.
17.Ilove lepton Green IcedTea,so my fav flavor which is lemon&mint is nowhere to be found now!
18. I started a tradition,so every Eid i get a rose for my parents and siblings.
20. I need to lose 5 kg. "the story of my life"
21. I want to complete my studies with my husband to be.
22. Sometimes when i hold my pillow and sleep i feel like the luckiest girl on earth.
23. I try to be more thankful to Allah in every way possible.
24. I HATE whatsapp ... stupidest thing on earth.. great for stalkers tho!
25. 2012 Was a year full of memories. alhamdulillah
26. I Will start the jar of 2013 writing every day a good thing that happened to me!
27. i love this number too.. 2+7=9... yeah this how much i love numbers.
28. i keep on thinking of 28 as an age of happy changes inshallah and am embracing it!